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PRAMA Fitness Alicante

Your gym in Alicante. If you’re looking for a different kind of gym, PRAMA Fitness Alicante is for you.

C/ Reyes Católicos, 28-30


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PRAMA is a new fitness concept, a revolutionary gym already present in cities like New York, Sydney, Tokyo, London, Paris… and now Alicante. A fitness boutique that offers an alternative to the intimidating atmospheres and competitive culture of the majority of conventional gyms. PRAMA Fitness Alicante provides the ideal environment for an enjoyable gym session, focusing on providing a fun, positive experience to accompany a thorough workout.

Our philosophy is based on making the impossible possible, creating a never-before-seen workout without mirrors and machines. This makes us a benchmark fitness centre in Alicante. we offer the ultimate motivational and inclusive group experience led by passionate coaches who know how to get the best out of their classes. No other gym workout inspires users to share, encourage, and even challenge each other in a fun, interactive and attractive environment.

PRAMA is the definitive answer to the ever problematic question: “Is there a gym near me that offers fitness classes as part of a competitive gym membership package?” PRAMA Fitness Alicante provides the solution in the form of a fun, friendly gym in a convenient location offering dedicated group trainers, nutritional advice to help you reach your goals, and your own fitness tracker as part of the package.

Services available at PRAMA Fitness Alicante

There are a number of exclusive services available at PRAMA Fitness Alicante before and after your workouts.


We offer a physiotherapy service for our members. You can book your session for whenever suits you best.


We offer a personalised nutritionist service to help you reach your objectives during your transformation process.


Park easily just 1 minute from PRAMA Fitness Alicante and enjoy an exclusive discount in the SABA Maisonnave public car park.

Clothes and accessories

Get kitted out with the highest quality fitness clothing and accessories. Disponemos de tienda en la que podrás adquirir lo último de PRAMA.

Snack Bar

Boost your energy and recover your strength with comfort in our exclusive Snack Corner, offering a great variety of healthy food and drink

Personalized Follow-ups

Optimise your performance and reach your goals thanks to PRAMA and our personalised tracking service.


Rodrigo Entero

Rodrigo Entero

Studio Manager & Trainer


Olga Torregrosa

Studio Manager Assistant & Trainer

Dani Cano

Dani Cano


Fernando Díaz


Andrea Marchal

Andrea Marchal


Hector Sanchez

Héctor Sánchez


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C/ Reyes Católicos 28-30, Alicante +34 965 31 38 26


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